Shelley davis(non-registered)
Lynn did such an amazing job with our family and his heart!!! I can never repay him for everything he did for us truly is a special guy! Thank you so much lynn.
Rick Nelson(non-registered)
Great photos Lynn. Thanks for sharing.
Judee Seidel(non-registered)
Thank you Lynn. Your photographs are the perfect addition to my gift basket. The fall scenery has never looked more beautiful.
GVHS Cheerleader(non-registered)
Very much enjoy your photos! Thank you so much for the support to our GVHS Football and Volleyball players. Can't wait to see what you post for our Cheerleaders, Soccer players and Cross country runners.
I'd like to see the soccer pictures
Taylor Jayde Callender
Thank you so much for all the pictures you take for GVHS. We love you and hope you continue taking pics for a while
Joshua Scott Smith(non-registered)
Great meeting you at the Mesa Lakes Lodge. Love your work and page looks great! Cheers. - Joshua Scott Smith
Ron Roesener(non-registered)
What a beautiful and touching tribute to Bruce. You did a wonderful job.

Thank you.
Thom Hamick(non-registered)
I've watched you take pictures at Kiwanis events for almost four years. You do your thing and never interfere with those you are shooting. Thank you for all your beautiful photos and for being a friend.
Charlotte Bailey(non-registered)
Enjoy your photos. I was standing on the sidelines with you tonight at Grand Valley High Football game. I am very interested in seeing the action shots your captured. As for mine, I am thinking I need that extra photography class that we spoke about and that new lens for my graduation present. So thank you for chatting with me. Keep freezing those precious moments in time.
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